If it is possible to choose only one of each of the vital Oils what could it be? Lavender is possibly the most functional among all the vital oils. This oil is widely popular because of its calming influence to a person. It’s also being used for skin problems such as irritations, cuts and bruises. It is like a comprehensive set of a first aid kit, even if you’ve got this with you all of the time. It’s possible to get your Lavender oil at  More Info

Different Ways Which Lavender Essential Oil Can Help You

1. Relaxing — All you have to do would be to rub 2 drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms and then breathe to direct the odor to your amygdala gland. Amygdala is that part of the mind that will help you unwind. You can also place some drops and then rub it on your wrists, temples, feet for a quick relaxing effect on the body. This is best if you’re in a crowded place like subways or airport so you are able to calm down and relax.

2. Minor Burn — Place two drops of lavender oil on the burn to help ease the pain. You will find that there will not be any swelling, redness or pain. There will be no indication of the burn in any way.

3. Insect Bites — Using insect bites particularly bee sting, just put a drop of oil on the snack or the bite to lessen itching and swelling.

4. Eczema / Dermatitis — Blend eucalyptus oil with vegetable oil and use to take care of dermatitis or eczema.

5. Cuts — All you need to do is put a drop of lavender oil into the area where the cut is and you’ll see that it will stop the bleeding. It aids in killing the bacteria and sanitizing the wound.

6. Nosebleed — To stop nose bleeding, get a tissue and put a drop of the oil, get an ice and then wrap the tissue around it. Put that ice processor with tissue into the base of your nose only under the top lip. Place it still until bleed quits.

8.– You might also set a drop all around your navel.

8. Dry Skin — Yes, it might help moisturize skin, simply rub on it.

9. — To ensure you only get the ideal Lavender oil, to